Final Rating: 3.59. Finished 149 out of 200 entries.

497 views including the voting period.


Animator: Charlotte Vicarage

Description: Bill is nervous as he has not don't much of his report, so when Bobby greet him, he is not sure what to tell him, so he stalls.

Experience: I have only university experince

Time taken: A month


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Guy Charnaux:

Watch out not to make it too mechanic and stiff. Push your poses and work on your spacing more carefully.

Benjamin Berg:

Looks nice and it looks like you put a lot of effort into this! However, the characters feel very stiff. That is because the spine is completely straight and doesn't seem to bend at all. Also, it looks like you didn't finish animating frames 174-199.

April Slocombe:

There is a choppy transition between the first man's walk and his waving, the screen goes black at frame 60 and Bill could do with some more mouth shapes at the end but the rest of his lip sync is fine and the poses are good.