Final Rating: 6.90. Finished 8 out of 200 entries.

4,109 views including the voting period.


Animator: Roy Stein

Description: Felix catching up on some reading during work hours.

Experience: Some.

Time taken: A couple of weeks after work


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Robert Tighe:

Nice poses! Good work.

Zacary Hutchinson:

Awesome. Dinosaurs.

Guy Charnaux:

Totally awesome!!!

Valentious Williams:

Very interesting shot.

kishan Rathod:


Shelby Christie:

Yay for 2D! Cute idea, I'm glad that the characters are dinosaurs and not people. It gives it more appeal in my opinion. Great job!


Very nice. I would have preferred a much more subtle sneak peek at the end.


Awesome job and cool character designs!

Duckula Bravepuppy:

Nice shot!

April Slocombe:

Good movement, lip sync and facial expressions throughout.