Final Rating: 5.50. Finished 45 out of 200 entries.

582 views including the voting period.


Animator: prasanth

Description: real friends they are dedicated to each other....

Experience: 5years

Time taken: 1week


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Valentious Williams:

i loved this one ,but man i hate to see when some has some thing good and it suffers from bad Staging.The acting was on the money but staging killed it brutally.Id have love this one to make it to the top.


Good job!

kishan Rathod:

Needs a lot of improvement

Brajagopal Arubam:

ha! i luv the story, its entertaining.Proper framing of camera and a little bit of detail in ur layout could've earn more stars buddy.




Nice... The second character whose lighting the canon and the canon itself could have more reaction after the firing ... but nice :)

Shelby Christie:

Nice gag! But I'm wondering why the dude was in the cannon in the first place! Haha. This is going to be nice if you decide to finish it up :D

April Slocombe:

Despite the initial confusion of thinking Bill is the man inside the cannon, the movements and lip sync are consistent and Bill's face before he is shot out is great anticipation. Bill being shot out actually made me laugh.


For every action....
It would be nice to see the cannon pushed back a little by the force of the explosion, and the guy with the hat dodging it a little.