Final Rating: 5.61. Finished 40 out of 200 entries.

592 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jared Freitag

Description: A less than competent solider is preparing for a day of training when his commander checks in on him.

Experience: 8ish Years

Time taken: 50ish Hours


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Vardan Galstyan:

Rendering is great but the animation is medium.

April Slocombe:

I like the stretching of the trousers at the beginning as well as the rest of the animation.


Very nice... some of the poses like the last resting pose of the guy with the pad seems a little off.

Wolfgang Haas:

animation looks good, but I don't understand the cuts :/

Derek Gowland:

I'm confused by the reaction of the first speaker. The whole thing seems too busy

Duckula Bravepuppy:


Anna Dayton:

The animation is nice. But the composition does not support it. There is way too much detail behind the characters - the right one in particular. Which in my opinion distracts from the nice action.