Final Rating: 5.13. Finished 59 out of 200 entries.

565 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Abby George

Description: An office co-worker finds something unusual !!

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: More than one week after work.


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Robert Tighe:

Feel VERY pose-to-pose. I like the snappy timing. This feels unfinished.

Jayvon Gomes:

Focus more on the lip sync

Vardan Galstyan:

Too many gestures

April Slocombe:

Apart from the unneeded gap of silence halfway through, the animation, poses, facial expressions and lip sync are all good.

philipp seis:

congrats. Technically not bad in terms of animation principles. Your're using takes, accents, you are trying to be smooth and subtle not to overact and so forth, but your performance could match the scene better. Slightly too technical, but on a good way. Rock on !


1st character looks great, but I think you lost it on the second one. nice work!