Final Rating: 4.23. Finished 105 out of 200 entries.

476 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ervin Ong

Description: An employee wants to show off to his boss and miss hitted his boss cup of beer.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 1week on and off


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Hadi Daher:

Bill's arm movements seem to be almost too exaggerated towards the end - looks like they're moving too much inbetween frames

Lee Jackson:

Alright, but I wasn't really sure which character to focus on as they were both pretty active throughout.

Valentious Williams:


kishan Rathod:

Needs a lot of improvement

Jaron Jackson:

There seems to be a lot of movement going on very quickly. It's a little hard for me to know which character to look at. Great try, though!

April Slocombe:

The body language is a bit fast and excessive but I like the lip sync and facial expressions, especially the man on the right looking angry and banging his fists on the table.

Marie-Eve Racicot:

There is some nice expressive poses and I love what you did with the hands. But beware of the interpenetration, It kind of ruins the feeling of ''reality''..
Another thing that bother me a little bit is the overreaction of the black guy. Really, he almost seems ready to kill, but you know.. it was just a simple accident with a mug. In my opinion, less is always more !
Keep on working !

Tadeusz Ciborowski:

Would be cool if there was some subtext going on. Motions too big. You could keep the idea of knocking over the beer but much more subtle. Think it would be stronger if the green tshirt dude was in a situation that was opposite of what he is saying. Now he is just sitting in a bar and thats kinda .. no risk situation. Nothing is on the line.