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Rhymes with Flatulence

by Robert Tighe

Final Rating: 5.03. Finished 64 out of 200 entries.

603 views including the voting period.


Animator: Robert Tighe

Description: I'm pushing for contrast here with a man sitting and a man standing, A well-to-do man vs a laborer just being himself. I had fun doing this, I'm sure it won't be the only fart gag in this competition. I wish I spent more time polishing!

Experience: 8 Years

Time taken: 30 hrs


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Robert Tighe:

oh, please win. realistically I just wanted top 11...


did he just fart? haha :)
very good animation!

Stéphane Sartori:

Adeflatulence? Haha, Nice touch there.

Derek Stewart:

Lacks body mechanics and strong fundamentals.

April Slocombe:

Brilliant! The man who reads the book reacts to a bad smell, which is very funny. Another top entry with consistent lip sync, animation, poses and facial expressions throughout.