Final Rating: 7.09. Finished 6 out of 200 entries.

23,212 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kim Raymond

Description: Senior cat checking on the troops..

Experience: Professionally?-none. Majored in animation at art school & dabbled here and there since then

Time taken: About 27 hours


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Really enjoyed watching this... great work :)

Kaya Oldaker:

Good job! :D

Jayvon Gomes:

When the food fell into his mouth, you should have expanded the stomach a little bit for more of a cartoony effect


Very cute, great job!

Pooja Krishnan:

Love this! great designs!

Valentious Williams:

I really loved this one,it felt right until to the very end.I was expecting something very interesting to happen with the fish bones,but i was flat ,just linearly entering the mouth.If u spent just a tad more time to make that small part appealing this could have made it in.

David Wilkinson:

this looks great I love the style you went for.

Andrew Rau:

I like the environment, the staging, and the overall design. The brown cat's personality is spot on for the "funny guy" , and his animation is perfect up until the very end - the timing for the falling fish is a bit drawn out and abrupt, I think you should've made him flop his arms down when he's done talking or something other more punctuative motion. I don't like the yellow cat's expression and movement - after watching it a few times, it gave me an impression like he's trying to seduce the brown cat. I would've tried to contrast the "funny guy" and "straight guy" roles a bit more, maybe by making the yellow cat a little more curious or confused regarding the brown cat. Overall, good work.

kishan Rathod:

Good animation !! grt keep it !!

Taylor Rae Barnes:

It would be perfect with a little more frames to smooth it out.


The final expression after the cat swallows the fish bones could be of satisfaction :)
Very nice work

Derek Stewart:

Very cute! Strong appeal with this, although the held shot at the end is a bit slow, requiring a bit more polish as he anticipates the fishbones coming down.

Shelby Christie:

Cuuuuuute! I'm so happy to see some 2D work.

Nitin Navale:

Nice work, looks Cute too!!!!!

April Slocombe:

Love the set-up with two cats. Movement is subtle, lip sync is good and it's funny when the fish bones fall into Bill's mouth.

Theron Chaplin:

Wow... I see a lot of Disney influence here and it's just beautiful.