Final Rating: 1.89. Finished 199 out of 200 entries.

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Animator: Orlando Lewis D. Bolaton

Description: Didn't have much time to finish this because of school. I'm still at blocking phase in my entry.. BTW I used CG Cookie Flex rig.

A waiter tries to communicate with a customer who is already drunk

Experience: None

Time taken: 4 days every night after school


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Stéphane Sartori:

Well, thank you. You made me laugh! I suppose you know that needs improvments but that was funny.

José Eduardo Núñez-Melgar Vega:

It's a Joke?

Shark Bait:

Call the exorcist

Kristoffer Bjornor:

Im scared...


reepy. Nie Job


You're starting to get the right idea with key poses, but some work needs to be done with the details, like the hands moving, maybe a blink or two.

April Slocombe:

No lip sync and the movement is floaty but good poses otherwise.