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yet another cubicle entry

by Matthew Koh

Final Rating: 6.13. Finished 20 out of 200 entries.

17,747 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matthew Koh

Description: I'm trying to do something different this time.

Experience: almost 4 years

Time taken: almost 2 weeks


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good job + it's a loop! :)

Guy Charnaux:

Really nice UPA-like style, man! It's great to see different styles around here, really refreshing, the kind of thing that truly brings life into this competition, thanks a lot!

Valentious Williams:


April Slocombe:

The lip sync is basic but the poses and facial expressions are superb and the animation is smooth.

Genevieve Powzun:

Wow! What a great style! Loved the creativeness in it! The animation itself is super awesome, nice and flowing, and still in a realistic scenario. One of the best so far :)

Joel Murphy:

LOVE the style of this! Great look!


This is cute! I love the simple but effective character design!

Kristoffer Bjornor:

Love the style. Great job!

Kristin Turnipseed:

I love the visual style of your animation!

Derek Stewart:

Very nice. Digging the vintage look here.

Leo Beall:

Like your Style!

Shelby Christie:

Cute! Nice style :D


From a design standpoint, I like the idea of the arms and legs not being filled in with color. The background is fighting with that idea by making it hard to see the line work and some of the nice subtle hand movements. Lightening up the background would help this piece a lot.


love the style

Rajesh Rs:


Theron Chaplin:

This is just awesome. Feels very "old school" to me... I love how simple shapes and lines can be so entertaining.

Luis Mendez:

Love the style.