Final Rating: 4.15. Finished 98 out of 206 entries.

400 views including the voting period.


Animator: loic

Description: A trap!!

Experience: 8 months

Time taken: 24 hours


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Joyce Makker:

Really like the idea, but it looks like it was executed in a rush. The animation of the fish is really good, but the lipsync is overdone, the shapes are too big. The cut at the end could've been better timed to the audio.

James Trimm:

very good, some lip sync issues which i presume you had trouble with the rig?:)

Steve Kimbrey:

This is a nice idea but I think some of your head movements are a little over the top. I know you don't have much to work with in terms of a body so the head has to do a lot of compensating but in this case I think it was a bit too much.

Peter Meindertsma:

the animation is good but i think its a little over acted for how subdued the vocal track is.

Sandra Tapia:

Very cool idea.

ben malberg:

Nice setup. I think you carved out some good poses on the speaking character. Check the lip sync though.. The other fish I felt needed some more work. The last cut is good, but the man's hands are too stiff and need to be posed more thoughtfully. Some swimming around in the tank would be a + too. Nice idea.