Final Rating: 3.52. Finished 133 out of 206 entries.

915 views including the voting period.


Animator: Eric Raffle

Description: this was created in 3Ds Max, the idea was to create a candle on a ledge of a fireplace explaining the concept with a globe of the universe. fully rigged and modeled by myself using Cat bone system and wire parameters.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Ben Hopper:

Nice rendering. Animation's lacking however.


The timing could be better
Lip sync not sink at all

Pamela Rivera:

It's a really nice concept what you have there and a good idea of taking out the world to see the circle that surrounded it. About the acting, I think that it needs more fluency on it. It's a little but zombie. The arms are wandering around without a specific purpose. In some parts, they join to the dialogue and mark a word, but then, you let them go and they just seem to be without any direction with a very slow motion. It distracts me from his head. Also check the easy out of the world when it goes away.

roy cobn:

i liked the header at the end..

Sandra Tapia:

I really love the idea, animation and render. Overall, animation is outstanding!

John Kennedy:

I'ld try and hit and hold some of your extreme poses its looking a little floaty

ben malberg:

The render and FX are beautiful..
The mouth animation needs some work.
I think the body is moving around a little too much. It's a candlestick with a flat base, so I feel it should be more static at the bottom during the weight shifts.