Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 16 out of 206 entries.

1,207 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt

Description: Quick clip of a teacher teaching his class.

Experience: Few years

Time taken: Couple weeks, here and there


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Steve Kimbrey:

Nice. I feel like he probably didn't need the glasses cleaning. It kinda distracted from him teaching. I think the dialogue would've kept the intensity if the teacher kept his focus on the class and not his glasses.
Nice smooth aanimation though :)

Jordan Campbell:

The paper balls and planes are funny, but I'm not sure what to make of them, because they distracted me so much the first time, I wasn't paying any attention to the teacher. But I really like it.

Paula Decanini:

The movements from one pose to the next are very quick, which doesn't really fit the laconic tone of the dialogue. Poses are pretty good though.

Steve Schwartz:

Nice use of the BG sounds.




Very Nice, good work

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice job! I really like the idea and facial expressions. I would really have liked if an airplane poked his nose at the end.

David Krein:

I liked it quite a bit, the one thing that drew down my rating was how he feels like he's darting between poses a little too quickly and directly, but the ins and outs are good so it does not feel too out of place all the time, but it feels strange to me. Still an enjoyable scene and use of the elements.

srinivasrao v: