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Street Magic Circle

by William

Final Rating: 2.87. Finished 170 out of 206 entries.

390 views including the voting period.


Animator: William

Description: Street performer philosophies during a trick for a young kid.

Experience: 1.5 yrs Student

Time taken: 30+ Hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

ben malberg:

Interesting design. I think you have some good poses setup with your main character, but it needs some work with the in-between frames including the spacing of movement. I'm not sure if your other character is a child or a regular man, making the main character like some sort of god. (the pale skin gives a unhuman effect) I like the acting when he points at the small guy and then blinks and looks at the camera. That was good acting.

James Trimm:

The arms never come to rest and move directly from pose to pose which gives the feeling they're 'floating' - add some follow through and extension following/before key poses:)


mouvements are too slow

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice animation and lip sync animation. Good job!