Final Rating: 6.29. Finished 7 out of 206 entries.

3,814 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: A dude at a bar talks science, thoughtfully.

Experience: A few years.

Time taken: 1 month.


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David Krein:

Good solid movement, some of the expressions feel a bit over the top but that may more my preference, and a couple lip sync issues. Nicely done.

Michael Sardi:

His face feels too stretched through out the entire animation

Brent Forrest:

Nearly flawless. 10 out of 11

Lilly Durrant:

Nice expressive animation! One thing I noticed was around frame 160, on the word 'us', his tongue seems move up from the bottom of the mouth making it look a bit unnatural there for the pronunciation of that word.

Benjamin Osei Boateng:


Paula Decanini:

I like that you infused a lot of "good ol' boy" charm into this. Body animation looks great, but some of the phonemes aren't hitting, for example "m" in "dimension" and the "s" in "us".

Tobias Fuhr:

i love the face, is perfect. but the body is so simple, you could move the left hand or hold the bottle in a different way. just some plus to this awesome animation. congratulations

Maysa Bogheiri:

nice acting; however the lip sync needs improvement during the first half of the animation.

Amartya Mukherji:

Nice smooth and clear animation. The acting is also nice.

The only thing I was concerned, - I felt, Malcom's expressions are a lot happier than his voice. If you had opted for pensive expressions, then it would have suited the audio better.


Great work dude!

Joyce Makker:

I like the way you made his face look so flexible, but it's a bit too much, it gets a little distracting.


Great work, love this shot

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice facial expressions.

ben malberg:

Hey man I saw your progress in the forum, this looks great. The acting is really good, and has the mechanics to support it. A couple of things, the hand around f170 looks almost frozen, I would move that more. And at the end the eye dart at f369 makes me feel this character is lying about something. I don't know if that's your intention or not, but it came off that way to me. Maybe it's the combination of the smile and the eye dart together. Anyway, nice work on this!