Final Rating: 3.49. Finished 134 out of 206 entries.

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Animator: zhi shen

Description: My first post, still have lot to improve

Experience: 2 and the half years

Time taken: 1 month (on and off )


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ben malberg:

Haha I like the dramatic performance. An intense character. I think your mechanics are looking pretty good, but I would add some more overlap/follow through to your movements, especially the big ones. For example on f90 his head it's a wall on the movement. I might also consider changing the camera angle, to a more 3/4 view. I think that may add a bit more appeal to the shot. On the part where he says 'now to us..' I think he's holding that for too long. It needs more there. Your choice of poses fit with the character you've created.


Feels alot pose to pose

Tobias Fuhr:

you have the block, but you need more animation there. when has a lot of hold poses is boring.

Mike Calhoun:

Some of the head-down eyes-up poses are somewhat unflattering.

rahul rishikesh:

most of the acting looks robotic

Michael O'Brien:

Next time, try to fill up those pauses with something that adds to the story. Only got eleven seconds after all, gotta make the most of them.