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Mike Has Something To Tell You

by Dor

Final Rating: 3.55. Finished 132 out of 206 entries.

468 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dor

Description: Meet Crazy Mike,
He wears an Aluminum Foil hat to shield himself against mind control.
Armed with his "Selfie pole & Camera" he embarks on a quest to tell all of us something important

Experience: half a year

Time taken: 28 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Joyce Makker:

Too much camera movement. I like the idea though.

Vin Liew:

In my opinion, the camera movement is too much.



ben malberg:

The set is really nice, and the UFO flying in at the end was pretty cool. I think the main thing I would work on is the timing/spacing of the actions. The spin from around f90-f150 feels fast to me. When he bites the object his arm and his body look like they're moving independently from each other. At times like these I get additional video reference so I can study what's actually moving and when. I did that a lot on the February entry because even though the dialogue was subtle and low energy there was actually a lot of minor movements I didn't realize were going on in the body.

tomer steinbock:


Sandra Tapia:

I like the concept. Probably needs a little more work on lip sync.

Michal Shukrun:

Well Made!