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Animator: Nasser Najafian

Description: A silentest is Explaining the life cycle while he is cooking for his family

Experience: eight years

Time taken: 5 days


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Very Nice

Jerry Graham:

I like it! Not so sure about his recipe though.

roy cobn:


Davit Martirosyan:

Cool+++ 1-st place for me

srinivasrao v:


Paula Decanini:

Watch the jaw doesn't swing to far to the right on "side". Maybe have the talking out the the side of the mouth start sooner on "everything" or "out"? The looking down and looking up timing is nice. Maybe something other than a pointing on "them" though? Also, I'm sure others will say this too, but when he dropped the whole tomato in the pot, it really stopped my appreciation of the video to say, "Huh? That's not how you cook".

Alexander Julius:

I had to provide a comment for this one. I would totally watch a show with this guy talking about philosophy while cooking. The combination of spacing, timing, expressions and use of objects as metaphor instead of using straight sphere prim all culminate this very Bob Ross feel. Love it.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

Great acting skill!!

Timmy Kwee:

nice animation

James Trimm:

Brilliant. For me I just want the face keys to be pushed a bit more:-)


Beautiful animation. The rendering is a bonus :) Great Job

Amartya Mukherji:

Nice animation. really impressive. Loved the controlled, subtle and limited acting, - intensity and energy of the dialogue is matching perfectly


this is awesome! best animation yet, I really enjoyed it and the facial animation is superb!!


hope this will be winner...

ben malberg:

Great work. Entertaining, original, and it made me hungry. f190-f270 really grabbed me. Thank you for submitting this.

Brent Forrest:

points off for boiling tomatoes with the stems on. 10 stars.

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice lip sync. I love the render scene.