Final Rating: 4.92. Finished 52 out of 206 entries.

452 views including the voting period.


Animator: Danny

Description: Carl explains to us extra-dimensional space.

Experience: Hard to say.

Time taken: About 1 week, plus rendering.


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Ben Hopper:

Not bad. A bit floaty between poses in parts, and he didn't quite come alive for me.

Michael O'Brien:

You should have the clock's minute hand move to justify that last clicking noise.

Mike Calhoun:

Not sure what the story here is, but my favorite thing is the lip shapes you have. Most are very distinct, which is the first I've seen. I'd say the head leaned down pose in the majority of the shot should be adjusted a bit because we see too much bottom teeth and not enough of the eyes.

ben malberg:

Nice setup and character to match the dialogue. The mouth animation needs some work. The final pose at the end, I'm not sure where he's looking. Is he looking back at the person off screen, his left side of the apple, or internalizing his thought? I like the apple pickup. The finger motions look good. The apple's rotation seems a bit extreme to match the fingers movement though. (around f242). Anyway I like your posing throughout, and the mellowness of the piece.

Evelyn Hernandez:

I like how he moves softly with personality. during "now to us" he head begins too looks a little floaty.

Sandra Tapia:

Good job, I feel that the animation is a little slow or probably too set.