Final Rating: 4.94. Finished 62 out of 231 entries.

521 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jyreme Mcmillon

Description: he just doesn't like meat...

Experience: not nearly enough

Time taken: 2 weeks


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David Ramirez:

The character in the other camera shots offering meat suggestions was fun to watch! His walk away off frame had jumps in the elbow and I think tiny jumps in his walk. But I think I would enjoy seeing him leaving the frame with the same energy he has in the meat suggestions section. Nice work!

Adrian Winchell:

Cuts off a bit before the end of the audio. Decent animation - the abstract backgrounds for the types of meat are out of nowhere tho', and kinda' distract - something matching the rest of the walls would work a bit better?

Lucas Donaldson:

when he says, "I dont eat meat" it doesnt quite look right. I'm having trouble seeing the "m sound". otherwise, I like it alot

Sabrina Winkel:

The Acting is great, lip sync. The only thing is the second character and the random blue background. Fix it

Robert Zhou:

Nice! Different background/lighting was very strange though.


nice animation

Arnaud Choisy:

Good animation, cool concept, but the contrast of background between the different cuts is very disturbing. Also I think you could have use a better framing at the beggining.