Final Rating: 3.70. Finished 145 out of 231 entries.

484 views including the voting period.


Animator: Steven Carr

Description: Guy just wants his veggies

Experience: 1 year college

Time taken: 3 weeks on and off


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Lucas Donaldson:

Its good when he slides his hands along his face. But some of the movements of surprise are too slow to look surprised

S J Bennett:

Solid poses and acting but the animation feels weirdly slow...

Adrian Winchell:

I love the poses, especially the cashier's "Oh god not this" around 100. Things float a bit throughout, though that particular gesture works well with some floatiness. When the vegetarian brings his arm up to rub his nose, that looks like you've got a linear interpolation there for some reason? I think a little polish on the timing and curves will really make this piece shine. :D

Nicolás Burmester:

Some of your poses are cool but try to do some holds next time and contrast them with some extremes fast movements to emphasize the important. Your animation lacks rythm, feels a little flat and floaty because of that. But again, your poses are cool!

Ramsey Parks:

I feel like the second character moves a little too slow and the first character could use a lot more anticipation when he slams his fist to the counter.