Final Rating: 2.93. Finished 204 out of 231 entries.

503 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brett

Description: A rabbit talking to a fox, trying to understand his ways.

Experience: About a year

Time taken: 5 days, give or take


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Adrian Winchell:

Lipsync is really off here - the mouth never really closes on a lot of the consonants where it should. The pre-audio section doesn't really work, as you don't seem to have a character to play against, but it gets a little cleaner once the audio starts. Mostly, just play around with your timing, and maybe pull Buck a bit further forward, as he looks uncomfortably tipped back for a lot of this, for no particular reason.

Lucas Donaldson:

Aside from the fact that an adorable character like Big Buck Bunny is eating a sausage (which somehow seems morbid.) it looks nice with the body movements. What might make use of some revisiting is the facial expressions and the lip sync.