Final Rating: 5.47. Finished 45 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Joe Jinks

Description: A brown bear has his American nephew over to stay for a few weeks.

Experience: A couple of years - self-taught.

Time taken: About three nights of actual animating


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Raphael Cancellier:

kudos on doing some decent stop motion, congrats!

Lucas Donaldson:

Props for doing Claymation. I love the creativity. I'm unsure if, at the end, that was supposed to be a rhetorical, "What is wrong with you?" question, as it seems in this video. But I like the awkward pause and the dads actions and facial expressions. Some of the movement may look a little janky, but I like it overall.

Paul David Panganiban:

This is funny! Creative and ironic. Good job


Stop motion was very ambitious, and I commend you for that alone. I just wish that the older bear had a little bit more movement and expression. Other than that, the lighting and the set building is very nice

Adrian Winchell:

Classic stop motion, I half expect to see Rudolph or Gumby walk in, noice!




nice one.

Sam Caudill:

Kudos on doing stop motion!

Peter Yoors Myers:

love the stop motion bears,
sincerely stop motion wolves

Jyreme Mcmillon:

this was pretty cool

Alexander O'Brien:

I love the concept. The stop motion clay looks smooth, but the overall movements could be further exaggerated to push the action further.