Final Rating: 4.81. Finished 71 out of 231 entries.

521 views including the voting period.


Animator: Robert Wilson

Description: A cannibal wants to share his latest kill

Experience: still a student

Time taken: about two weeks off and on after work


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Yanick Belanger:

In terms of animation, it is good, but still too violent I think, especially the knife at the end


Fun idea! :p and very nicely executed (see what I did there). I just wish you had given the last beat a bit more punch, so to speak. I was hoping he'd stab the knife vertically into the guy's stomach, leading to a stronger end pose.

Eric Raffle:

very violent at the ending, shame poor guy

Adrian Winchell:

I was with you on this one til you actually killed the guy at the end. D:

Jeffrey Simonetta:

The guy with the knife feels like he is thinking and processing thought. for the other guy you kinda keep cutting too quick. allow the audience to absorb what he is thinking for a few more frames

Richard Adams:

Well. That was gruesome. lol.

Lucas Donaldson:

Morbidity aside, nice animation. I'm a little uncertain how it looks before the dialogue starts but I like how you animated with the voicing.


nice different idea and good animation