Final Rating: 3.83. Finished 134 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Nick Canton

Description: A high-scale restaurant has some modernizing to do...

Experience: A few months of self-taught

Time taken: 15-20 days of at least an hour a day


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Ramsey Parks:

Looks good, but I don't think that shot in which they were silhouettes was really necessary. It just doesn't fit.

Adrian Winchell:

Very artsy, and 2D, which I like. :) This would be SO much better with just some work on the lipsync. As it is it's so off, particularly in the beginning, that it's distracting - like a cartoon that's been dubbed from a very different language.

Alice Reeve:

Nice drawings. I think they could be a lot more expressive in their body language and lip sync.

Richard Adams:

Problem with woman's lip-syncing, waiter has too much "indication", bodies need to move more. Otherwise really nice effort!

Léo Miche:

I don't understand why there is a silhouette shot in the middle.

Robert Zhou:

Nice! Not sure why you did a silhouette there, but sure!