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Visit to Vegetarian House

by Chong Sin Kian

Final Rating: 5.49. Finished 42 out of 231 entries.

632 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chong Sin Kian

Description: A meat lover first visit to Vegetarian friend's House.

Experience: 11 month as student

Time taken: 2 weeks plan & reference, 2 weeks animate


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This looks amazing, almost real! love the constant movement, gives the man some extra life!

Raphael Cancellier:

Nice! a bit too smooth/spliny i'd say. Don't hesitate to hold poses.

Adrian Winchell:

Great work, and interesting to see the vegetarian being the server and the carnivore disappointed, for a change!

Richard Adams:

Facial expressiveness is fantastic in this one.

Randall Tan:

ok can lol

Jamshid Noori:

Gr animation

Nassim Briedj: