Final Rating: 4.94. Finished 62 out of 231 entries.

674 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amin Bahari

Description: Second entry to the 11 second club.

Experience: novice/amateur.

Time taken: 8 days.


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Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

lip syncing needs work

Valentious Williams:

I actually like the context of this piece .

Adrian Winchell:

Excellent 2D work. Your canines (fox? wolf? whatev) need TEETH tho'! It's weird to see them go m/b/p on n/t sounds! Also, not sure why the little one turns away at 227 - doesn't seem to make much sense as a reaction.

Sean Bitara Dela Torre:

Haha! It cracked me up when the wolf said "chicken" and saw the chicken's reaction. Nice animation.

Lucas Donaldson:

This is terrific!

One minor note: when the orange one says, "what is wrong with you?" I'm uncertain if his movements match his actions. The animal acts like he's asking a rhetorical question, but the dialogue sounds a little more like he's genuinely curious what is wrong with the vegetarian. To me at least, I like it a lot. maybe some more tweening between the keyframes?
nice job!

Sam Caudill:

The fox on the left has a lot of character but the other characters look completely static by comparison.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Lip syncing needs quite a bit of polishing. The mouth movements are not matching. The very first sentence of "I am a vegetarian" seems not defined. Like without sound I would think he is muttering.