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I was very embarrassed

by WK

Final Rating: 5.74. Finished 30 out of 231 entries.

765 views including the voting period.


Animator: WK

Description: I was a vegetarian, I was very embarrassed

Experience: 3 year

Time taken: 7


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Nice solid shot. I do question the intent behind the leatherjacket guy's pose and expression around frame 120. I assume he's meant to look smug and self-righteous, but it kind of comes off more as a 'scheming villain'-pose. I do like the progression from the pose into the more exasperated ones that follow. Nice work :)

Eric Raffle:

could have done better gestures as your acting shots don't fit the scene, how can I say your acting is not something someone would do in real life when talking in this kind of scene with your current characters. lip-sync needs more work.

Adrian Winchell:

Haha, I love that wiggle at 90-130. Waiter seems a little less emotive/expressive than the audio but whatever. :)

David Ramirez:

haha that movement around @128 is great.
Awesome job ob the whole piece!

Nicolás Burmester:

The techinal aspects of your animations are quite well done, but the acting itself doesn't sell your characters and what they are saying, specially the client. You are portraying a picky vegetarian guy who's kinda introvert, you can't go with a cocky john travolta's sidekick on Grease in my opinion.

S J Bennett:

Love that little sassy pyramid finger dance, icing on a very tasty cake.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

nice expressions

Sam Caudill:

I really like the smugness of the vegetarian! First time I've seen this sort of reaction. Good work!