Final Rating: 4.23. Finished 100 out of 231 entries.

532 views including the voting period.


Animator: snehdipsinh

Description: From my last participation i have learned many things from "11 second club" . your comments helps me lot so pls guys give your suggestion on my animation.. it will help me to become an good animator... thanx..

Experience: not yet as professional

Time taken: 8 days (1:30 hour everyday)


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Adrian Winchell:

Great work! Only critique I have is to lose the hand gesture at 32 - it pulls my eye to the wrong character for the audio, and then I'm scrambling to catch up the rest of the scene. I think some more head movement throughout (including tilts) would help accentuate the dialog. Also the cut at frame 68 seems a little off - too late to be showing the redhead's reaction to the line simultaneously, too early to be cutting for the next line. But this is refreshingly understated, rather than trying to use gimmick to carry the animation, and I love it :D

Yogesh Paradkar:

last finger movement not Required

Richard Adams:

The TV at the beginning is distracting--and what that a copyrighted character on TV? A minion?

Alan Yang:

The fundamental acting is there but you should work on the movement, the fluidity and dynamics of how the characters behave during the dialogue. It looks too much like puppetry.

Lucas Donaldson:

It looks nice. but we see the guy with brown hair begin to talk and at first I thought he was the one who was a vegetarian which lead to some minor confusion. nice job though

Aanal Kumar:

nice animation on the screen...

Sabrina Winkel:

Looks good except the TV randomly disappears