Final Rating: 4.04. Finished 113 out of 231 entries.

535 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sagar Katara

Description: Work is in progress. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. :)

Experience: Few years

Time taken: A week after busy office schedule.


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Adrian Winchell:

Would have preferred a little closer camera work, and of course, looks like you ran out of time on one character towards the end when it drops to stepped keys.

Alice Reeve:

Lovely animation, but maybe the camera needs to be closer to the characters so we can see their expressions more clearly.

Manuel Jiménez:

Great step!

Joep de Laat:

why is the gray men looking like that at him from the start of the video?


It would have look great if you manage to finish the whole piece.

Karl Bernhardt:

Really like the animation, a real shame you couldn't finish, camera angle is really off, can hardly see the facial expressions. has a lot of potential!

John Kennedy:

shame you didn't finish... its looking nice

Sabrina Winkel:

Lip sync is way off. In fact it doesn't look like they're talking at all