Final Rating: 7.01. Finished 7 out of 231 entries.

5,051 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jacob Joice

Description: Some culture shock on a business trip

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: >2 weeks


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sunkari venkatesh:


Adrian Winchell:

Is that...did you just skewer one of the A:M rigs on a stick? Awesome! XD Can't fault anywhere in the animation either, this is great. :D

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work!

Own Muhammad:

starting is good....

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

in top 10 !

Suyog Patil:

Nicely Done

Ahmad Abdelmagid:

Only wish some of the still frames where more "alive", you know? Like show the character breathing for example, not just freezing there. Otherwise it was pretty great. Very nice movement, expression, and shot planning.