Final Rating: 3.67. Finished 147 out of 231 entries.

504 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael

Description: A boy explained what is a vegetarian.

Experience: A bit as temporary substitute animator.

Time taken: 3 - 4 days


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Character on the right needs a little more holding movement.

Adrian Winchell:

Maybe a little more expression on the carnivore? The animation work's good - he's just not interested in being on set today, it seems.

Kirsten Schow:

The thing I noticed the most is that the eyes (mainly the iris/pupils) don't focus on the object they are meaning to look at, and you need to make sure that they stay in line and out of the character's eye corners. You should always be able to see them (unless the head is turned 1/2 way). Also, the character on the right makes a very unnatural head move around 40-50 (he's breaking his neck!).

Lucas Donaldson:

The guy on the rights eyes feel off somewhat. they dont open all the way. Other than that, I like the overall movements of both characters.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

So many good beginnings here I just felt the animations of the arms felt too stiff, not enough ease in and out. Too abrupt. Keep on working on it you have great potential.