Final Rating: 5.26. Finished 53 out of 231 entries.

619 views including the voting period.


Animator: koujikun89

Description: Two acquaintance having a meat feast but Baldy does not know Skinny's secret!

Experience: 2

Time taken: 2 days on weekend and 2hours each on the last weekdays of feb


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Richard Adams:

All that stuff before the audio track begins doesn't add anything. Good animation overall though.


Be careful about geometry penetrations on the face.

Adrian Winchell:

Solid work! The audio is really loud and clipping for some reason. I think the storytelling/setup might work a little better, if the line was delivered in response to a pantomime asking if he could have some of his food, or gesturing to eat up - rather than just taking a meatball and otherwise ignoring him. Great stuff tho'!