Final Rating: 3.05. Finished 197 out of 231 entries.

504 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jordan Lewers

Description: In an effort to make his victim comfortable before interrogation, a mob boss offer the boy some food. He couldn't have expected, however, that the boy has special tastes...

Experience: ~2.5 Years

Time taken: A little over a month, sporatically


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Adrian Winchell:

It's a little hard to tell what's going on from how far the camera starts. Maybe cut in, instead of a slow drifting 11 second camera move? Seems like a fair number of the motions are somewhat floaty too.

Ramsey Parks:

The three big guys are really odd and distracting, the animation is pretty basic, and the biggest problem is the camera. The camera should not pan closer to the main action should be at one place and if you need another shot have it at a different angle.

Lucas Donaldson:

I really like the movements on the guy on the right. the guy on the left feels a little off in how he moves his arms.