Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 7 out of 136 entries.

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Animator: Melissa Lee

Description: This is why we need glass. Unfortunately I did not have enough time in the month to finish this as the characters are not colored in and some animation is unfinished or unrefined. Animated in Photoshop CS3.

Experience: 8 years casually animating

Time taken: around three weeks


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Felipe Navarro:

Awesome!! Love the ending.

Jake Love:

really nice, the secondary hair movements look great

Justin Gorski:

I like the idea a lot! I do feel like the animation on the female character is stronger with the jaw and eye movement although the sync doesn't quite match up. Her reaction with the, "Ohhh just a minute!" is really well done. I do think that you could probably do more wide and narrow shapes with the guy's cheeks as he talks, especially when the camera is behind him, and just be careful about crossing the 180 line at the end when the two characters flip which side that they're on, but great job!

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

awesome work


It's all really good, but the bear doesn't make a lot of sense, he's just kinda laying there motionless only attacking the window with his claws, if he moved a little or even if you had him peering in instead of laying on the ground that'd make this animation even better!