Final Rating: 7.92. Finished 3 out of 96 entries.

89,486 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matthew Koh

Description: Running a steampunk factory can be risky.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 4 weeks


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William Barry Eggington:

Very well done.

Marten Visser:

Pretty cool looks and acting choices. You put a lot of effort in this one. Winner for me.

Samuel Bourland:

Nice drawings! Try for more dynamic poses and timing.

Robert Allen:

Very nice, way to go 2D also.

Marckus Duverger:

This is real nice! That ending is awesome too, lots of smooth natural movements here

Brian W.:

Very nice.

Cristy L. Einung:

This looks beautiful.

Howard Cameron:

The facial expression on the first character doesn't give the idea that he is suspicious at the start. Otherwise a very solid composition overall.

Ryan Hill:

Great animation and story direction. The ending characters re-actions are to fast and its hard to read the poses with its current timing(frames 313-331). Adding a couple inbetweens can help solve this timing issue.

Çağtay Kubilay Güraras:

Great style and colors. I think you might exaggerate the main poses a bit. Try to bit more confident with the poses. Good work!!

Samuel Couffe:

Hey :) Your shot is very beautiful, but I would just maybe add a bit more exaggeration on the labial, maybe play a bit with the jaw of your characters also, but that's a very great shot ! Keep going animating ! :)

Jereline Vasquez:

Best one I've seen so far. Good stretch and squash and sudden expressive movements.

Sascha Vernik:

Great style and character. I feel like it doesn't need that forced ending - that's nitpicking though :)

George John Bowden:

No need for ending. Takes away from rest of your good work. Dont fall ill of 11 Second club syndrome.