Final Rating: 6.26. Finished 19 out of 96 entries.

545 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kenkoh Tanaka

Description: Combination of two guys scraping up food.

Experience: University Student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Dieguito Pritchett:

Very nice render. Not convincing with the lip sync though. I understand the cigar may be part of his character, but it doesn't seem to work with this voice. It's hard to speak clear with a cigar in your mouth, but the characters words in this clip are very clear, so it was a bit distracting to me. Otherwise, good acting, the animating skillsets are there.

Christopher Scott:

The main issue is none of the lipsync is reading.

Debby Albers:

Lip sync could use a bit more work, it's difficult to get the sense of the cigar in his mouth and like he needs to talk around it because the audio doesn't have that element. Facial expressions and blinks are great!

Nicholas McCamish:

Good job. However, the mouth movement on the main character did not feel natural.

James Cavanaugh:

situation doesn't match the audio clip's acting but great stuff

Keira McMahon:

I enjoyed the acting you did for this, but the lip sync needs a lot of work.

Cristy L. Einung:

I really like this, but it really bothers me that he stops moving his mouth before the line ends.

Peter Conolly:

I would most certainly have given this animation more stars if the mouths matched up to the dialogue a little more accurately!