Final Rating: 7.59. Finished 8 out of 314 entries.

25,507 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tegan Laing

Description: Waiting room shenanigans.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 20-25 hours


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Jackson Green:

The acting is very enjoyable to watch!

Sergi Miranda:

I love facial expressions!

Jo Anne Tan:

Nice work, though the finger point feels a bit contrived and forced


this is great! I like it a lot, I would just switch the character roles, doing the young more happy and the old grumpy, but it's just personal preference. I think you animated at 30 fps, too much frames for the audio, not that it's a problem but since feature is 24, it's cool to get used to the correct timing

Harry G:

Finally, Something good! The animation's really good. Loved the poseing and timeing, but i felt the humming guys poses were a bit overexagerated between frame 30 to 86. Apart from that loved the acting. Good luck!

Samuel Bourland:

The timing was excellent! Some of the poses didn't feel natural though.