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Hum If You Want To

by Jed B.

Final Rating: 6.34. Finished 40 out of 314 entries.

444 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jed B.

Description: Two community college students get on each other's nerves during finals after a stressful first quarter but then they make up for the most part.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 1-2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nat Black:

i feel like the bigger guy is swaying too fast at start, perhaps he should sway with the rhythm of the humming? otherwise it's pretty good

Ramon Arango:

cool acting choices, but most of the movement feels very spliny and slow. Make it snap!

Jamie F:



Great acting choices for the little guy. The big guy's left arm motion feels too quick when he is turned around.

Eric Bai:

animation is floaty and the body freezes for too long at times

Austin Chubb:

Nice work! I like the banter between the two characters!