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by Bongyong, February Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.08. Finished 1 out of 168 entries.

1,475,111 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bongyong

Description: I don’t transform into one!

Experience: 5years

Time taken: 2weeks


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Jonathan Veiga:

This is great, I love the different contrast of facial expressions! The only thing that caught my eye is the screen right arm pops a bit between frame 130 to 140. Maybe also add a blink to the other character. But overall.. Good stuff!

Jamie F:

Really nice. Being picky. I feel the "did" moment in the face is perhaps too much of a contrast to the rest of the animation. And the root control is quite upright, I feel it could use a little more rotate x as he bends forward (most of the rotation seems to be in the top of his chest). But very nice nonetheless!

Asa Thibodaux:

Good concept. The movements were cool too.

Edmond Toussaint:

top 5

Aaron James Mongcopa:

nice acting!!!

Runy Lee:

This is my pick!!! so good !! although lip sync could have been timed better for the guy



AyseNur Wilkomir:

in forst 3 for sure!I love the facial animation, great job!