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Animator: Katharina Fedelheimer

Description: A witch worries about her neighbor, who is acting strange to her. So she asked her pet cat for advice. He tried to cheered her up.

Experience: self taught animator

Time taken: around 3 weeks


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I like the softness of the cat's moves and smile.

Alyssa FitzGerald:

As much as I like cats, the thought of a cat comforting someone is kind of hard to believe. His animation feels justifiably cartoony though. The female character on the other hand feels a little too realistic to pull off these facial expressions, they're being pushed too far. The head is also slightly jerky at moments. And the legs coming uncrossed also feel too sudden.

Maybe do less detailed backgrounds and focus on refining those things.


I like how this went with the pushing poses and the emotions

Spencer Bentley:

This makes me... uncomfortable, seeing her pet Tom like that, then him reacting to her concerns so earnestly. Animation is good, but boy it's strange.

Matt Skonicki:

When she lays back its a bit jumpy robotic.