Final Rating: 3.47. Finished 109 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Isaac F.

Description: A demon tries to learn the ways of angels and is not doing a good job

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 48+ hours


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Richard Felix B. Candia:

I think thumbnailing your animation would help out.


mouth shapes need improvements and more acting

Spencer Bentley:

Reminds me of late 2000's animation. Really rough, with little actual animation and rushed mouth movements. Charming, but rough, would love to see improvements down the line!

Bryce Hallett:

Hey, Not bad. :)
Here's where it could be improved. The mouths tend to be pretty "flappy". Try simplifying the number of shapes. You don't need to articulate every vowel. . Just concentrate on hitting the loudest sounds and the closed mouth positions and simplify what's in between. if you hit those you'll have pretty accurate mouth movement usually.

If you want to bump it up some more you could even add a little bit of motion to the head etc.
Good luck! :)