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Animator: Matt Skonicki

Description: A blue robot with an evil influence toys with his weak victim.

Experience: I teach compositing but but very little animation.

Time taken: About a week in work time over the month.


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this is funny and very well animated

Ben Zingo:

an ambitious undertaking with so many models/rigs on screen, but next time you should focus more of your time & attention on a few models, and make the acting/animation really polished. The figures feel very stiff, and there's a lot of time between actions

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The elbows on the peach character merely feel jittery rather than deliberately holding a person aloft over some monsters. Doing a series of small tugs and releases would be more effective for what you're doing. Norman also feels rather robotic. The shaking of the yellow character also feels jittery.
The creature could be substituted for some other environmentally based peril and you wouldn't have 6 characters in a scene where only 3 would do.

N Ishak:

the expressions are excellent and the humor hits really well! I like the detail of the orange character's arms straining at the weight

Spencer Bentley:

This is both mortifying and funny, great job! Though I will say, the character holding up the cage's arms feel like they're glitching out rather than struggling.