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Animator: KaoChunYen

Description: A girl asked an awkward question to his boyfriend when they were dating.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2week


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Cody Cessna:

The soup would be everywhere. I get that that’s the joke, but it just feels like he’s pretending to eat soup.


like how you are pushing the poses but maybe a bit too much towards the end

Ben Zingo:

the timing of the movement is nice, and I like to offset shrug, but their movements still feel a bit stiff. Try rotating the neck more to add some fluidity/offset to the movement.
When the camera cuts to the over-the-shoulder shot, it's also distracting to see the woman be statue-still. The emphasis isn't on her, but we can still see her, and might be nice to see her react.
The dude's hands also are pretty locked in place and don't react much. Clenching fingers, moving the hand as part of a reaction, and getting a smooth arch on the wrist with the spoon, would all help to add some responsiveness.
Overall quite good, but plenty of room for polishing!