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Animator: Paul David Panganiban

Description: I decided to make her kind of timid and worried about what she did, and in contrast, made the guy looking at a distance relaxed, chill, and confident. Like overthinking vs being laidback.

Experience: 3 years in 3D animation

Time taken: 2 weeks, mostly worked on weekends only


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Aaron James Mongcopa:

possible winner. nice job.

Paul David Panganiban:

Thanks to Aurthur Mercader for helping me light and render this!


ok ok ok... now this is amazing. great posing, great animation and amazing visuals.

Ben Zingo:

the movement and lighting both are really nice, especially the dude. The posing at 220 is really nice.
The scene feels strangely slow/empty though, maybe more subtle movements, or eye target shifting? At 101 when the camera cuts to a new shot, the woman seems statue-still.
Overall really nice!


these are some great poses and timing

John Aurthur Mercader:

The performance on the girl is very good! I think you couldve done better with the spine on the guy. Esp with those small movements to really bring things together. Also the part "get what youre doing" the guys head bob is a bit stiff. But overall this is great work!

Brad Bradbury:

His fingers go a little dead.

I would add some bend to his arm
during his right arm gesture.

Nice work.
The depth effect on first shot is nice.