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Animator: Véronique Marazzi

Description: Ella received a bad review on her latest play: her idol, a very famous theater critic, didn't appreciate her show. Her boyfriend is there to comfort her, even if he would rather take a nap.

Experience: 3 years at school

Time taken: two weeks


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Good could use some more poses

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The geometry of the fingers at the beginning is crashing and the camera angle isn't flattering making the shot continuity confusing. You put a lot of effort into making the guy's hands look good, yet it's a rookie mistake to have them be cut off by the screen edge. Either widen your camera should you put this on your reel or change it so it doesn't do that anymore.

Spencer Bentley:

Great understanding of character weight, especially when she sits down. Would like to see a little more refinement, but great overall!

Ben Zingo:

Really like the subtle bounce the characters have, feels very natural.
Some of the timing/pacing feels a little abrupt though