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The Dreaded F Word

by Joshua

Final Rating: 5.31. Finished 39 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Joshua

Description: A worried teacher trying to find a way to work with a troubled student freats over losing her temper and cussing at the student on occasion.

Experience: Junior

Time taken: 12Hrs


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Expressions are done well but the hand movements need improvement.

Richard Felix B. Candia:

I love the acting for these characters.

Paul David Panganiban:

Good acting choice, love it when he shrugged first before talking. It’s a powerful tool to make your acting convincing. This just needs a bit more polishing, specially on the eyes.


Hand gestures feel natural. Facial gestures need some improvement, I would advise to focus on the facial gestures of characters while watching movies.

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The female character's right hand moves around a little too much for a little too long. It's not synced up to the words very well either.
The facial animation on both of the characters is fantastic however. Especially on the man. The only small complaint I would have on him is that deformation on the arms looks a little weird, but that's probably just one of the constraints of the rig your using.
The female character's eyes also seem to be pretty stagnant in regards to both where they're looking and their shape.
There's also a small hiccup around the frame 175 where his eyes sort of glitch that could be cleaned up.
Overall I like this though.


it could be more if you pushed the action just a bit further

Spencer Bentley:

I love this conversation within the void. Jokes aside, the animation needs some touch ups, but the lip syncing is good, and the overall emotions are expressed well.