Final Rating: 4.91. Finished 52 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Tyla Bryant

Description: Looks like Kayla's puppy has some issues with swearing...

Experience: I am a 3rd year undergraduate animator.

Time taken: I spent around 9 days on this.


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Alyssa FitzGerald:

The scale of the characters feels inconsistent. Her body proportions are that of a child's while his are that of an adults and yet sitting on a bench together they're almost the same height. While in the previous shots he feels much bigger.

The hand fidgets on the female character need to be refined more.

The rigg's being pushed too far with the shoulders on the word "Wrong". It looks glitchy because of it, you can tone it down and it still works with the personality you established in the previous shots. The way he sits down is also awkward. Maybe film some reference of yourself to see what leads and what follows when sitting down.


good poses and movement from both characters