Final Rating: 2.99. Finished 115 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: ajax

Description: Just a average conversation to her self talking to good and evil to see if her question is good or bad, is it bad or good?

Experience: I am a student of YHS who is in a second year of 3d arts

Time taken: The whole month


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Darren Evander:

camera movement is misleading


Lighting of the environment is low, not able to see the expressions and too much camera movement.

Catalina Montelongo:

I feel like the camera angles/movement distracted a little from your animation

Richard Felix B. Candia:

too much camera movement is quite distracting. You could really improve if you make the composition a lot better too.


it is too dark to know what she is saying, and the camera is moving, as well as the last character is stiff and unclear

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The camera work is distracting.

Aniela Bogusz:

A more fixed and smooth camera would help

Trevor Finney:

Seems like your animation is on the right track but the camera movement is very distracting. Try framing your shots with a static camera.