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Animator: Abha Shah

Description: While the two watch TV together, Mery is bothered by what her boss said earlier that day. Seeing her doubtful and unsure, he tries to comfort and reassure her.

Experience: Learning 3d animation since a couple of months

Time taken: On and off 15 days


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Alyssa FitzGerald:

The riggs are being pushed to a degree that the mesh is crashing on both of them. I know that cloth is always difficult to work with, but it's a distraction when watching.

I like the timing of the character's shifting around the scene, however, there could be more movement in the torso, especially in the male character as it feels too stiff.

The facial animation is in more of a block out phase but is working with what you have. The arms and hand on the man in particular is also rather stiff.